Americans are more alike than different

Thank you to the Oct. 20 letter writer of “Conservatives portrayed inaccurately in letter” responding to my Oct. 12 letter for defending her position. Discussion is healthy.

She does not think herself a victim. That’s good. I want to be wrong. I hope conservatives do not feel victims of alternative ways of life, of differing cultures including the numerous religions practiced in our democracy.

The writer’s comment about believing in the Constitution “as written” is entirely my point as well. The Constitution, including its 27 amendments (adjustments), is brilliant. And whether you believe it is God-inspired or not, this document lets you practice your religion.

The Constitution also begins with “We the People.” Everyone. How great is that? No matter who you are or what you think, you have a voice.

The greatest inspiration I received from the writer’s feedback was that she found the president’s wording “a little caustic.” This to me is a validation of humanity, of decency. If left, middle and right can concede to common sense, common ground in human dignity and empathy for each other, we can solve problems.

Americans are more alike than we are different. We too many times forget this. Trump’s words I believe are usually caustic. The media reports and, yes, the media can sometimes over-report. But we should move forward positively as a society because we have more in common than we have in different.

Kelli Lundgren