Books show how to make Maui a real paradise

When is the last time you read a whole book? Like many of us, it may have been a while. We are always reading something: Perhaps an email, the newspaper, a website or a blog.

I own several thousand books, some of which I have digested word for word, most of which I’ve scanned.

Why do I keep all these books? Perhaps I’ll want to refer to them. That doesn’t happen too often. Which is why my childhood best friend, a therapist, laughs at me and calls me a pack rat. He passes along every book he reads.

You might want to read one of the five books I have written, available for free at You can read this mini-book in an hour. You will learn about the ideal society of the future and how to make Maui a real paradise.

In Mauitopia, we all make our dreams come true. Won’t you help me create it by voting for me for mayor next year?

As a businessman, I have never yet held a political office. I plan to pay the $50 filing fee and not raise any money.

You can’t buy me. I am not one of the “good ol’ boys” who should be voted out of office (Letters, Sept. 28).

Perhaps 5,000 of you can join the 697 people who voted for me in the last election. If I win mayor, I hope my vision will help make Maui truly no ka oi.

Ori Kopelman