Citizens could help replace ‘broken’ bench

Our community is blessed with citizens who perform public services which can be done right out in the open. But there are other tasks which might require more subtlety.

The Hawaiians have legends about the menehune: little people who did things like build heiau, starting after sundown and not continuing after sunrise.

Some things need to be done with this kind of secrecy. For instance, a certain supermarket used to have a bench where people could rest, eat food they had purchased and wait for rides. The bench disappeared. The management says it “got broken,” but an official admitted it had been removed to eliminate a loitering place for homeless people from across the street. But this is very inconvenient for paying customers.

What would happen if, between midnight and dawn, some hefty midnight menehune appeared with a heavy, sturdy bench, simply put it down and disappeared? Would it soon get broken? I wonder.

Dave Slocum