Disappointed in decision to end home delivery

I was so very disappointed the morning of Oct. 20 to discover there would be no more home delivery of The Maui News. I look forward every morning to opening my door and finding that little cylinder of paper waiting for me to enjoy with my coffee and cookie at 6 a.m. This is one step closer to the end of printed news.

Mail delivery of the paper just won’t work for our household. We live in a large condo complex, mail arrives after 3 p.m., is sorted and put into individual boxes later in the afternoon.

Your media copy seems incomplete but was handy when we traveled, but I don’t care for it on a daily basis.

I’m sorry for the delivery staff that will lose their jobs. The paycheck probably isn’t big but is probably very important to their livelihood.

I hope corporate will rethink this and change their minds. We live in a unique place and time zone and that needs to be considered. I don’t think the outcome of this decision is the one corporate is hoping for.

Beth Sampson