Don’t let politicians get away with this easy out

A Sept. 27 letter to the editor talks about how County Council members shouldn’t miss meetings.

I’d like to go a bit further to suggest that if a council member misses a meeting, particularly one that requires them to vote, they should be fined. Legislative members of government on all levels — federal, state and county — use the “I wasn’t there” excuse to play both sides of the issue.

If they aren’t there they can tell people, “Oh, if I was there I would have voted yes/no” and give them the answer that they want to hear. I have far more respect for a politician that tells you exactly how they feel about something instead of dancing around the issue.

Don’t let politicians get away with this easy out. Fine them if they don’t show up for an important vote! Where is the news coverage on attendance for our elected officials?

Next, I’d like to suggest fines for people who don’t vote in elections but that’s for another day.

Joe Pacheco