Effects of the rumor mill aren’t necessarily all bad

We were disappointed that The Maui News was not able to reach us to comment concerning the rumor mill on county pools (Oct. 14), but do not disagree with any of the content. As an all-volunteer voice for South Maui, the Kihei Community Association, www.gokihei.org, too is upset with unsubstantiated public comments.

But as it turned out, this spreading of misstatements had the effect of stimulating outstanding community turnout at the department’s open house on Sept 14. It is our understanding that the prior one on the west side had less than a dozen attendees, while the south-side one seemed to have hundreds.

Reactions like this have generated some, possibly tongue-in-cheek, comments that this was a valued technique to achieve a large turnout for an important public meeting, so those misled guys can be educated with factual information when they show up.

Regardless, the second series of public meetings on this topic have been announced. The one in South Maui is at 5 p.m. Oct. 27 at the Kenolio Recreation Center (see gokihei.org/volunteer/parks-rec-schedule-second-public-meeting-at-kenolio).

Anyone want to start a rumor that all the Kihei county parks are up for sale? Just kidding!

Just go the open house to determine what is up with county park and pool plans.

Mike Moran, President

Kihei Community Association