Lei on Olowalu tree not good for marine life

I was saddened and dismayed to see the photo in the Oct. 18 paper of the many, many lei on the tree stump in Olowalu. These will dry up and blow into the ocean and the plastic filament they are strung on will adversely affect marine life, adding to the already stressed health of our reefs and ocean.

I expect The Maui News to be aware of this and not perpetuate the polluting of our aina, but rather educate our visitors, who are well-intentioned but poorly informed. Though, if you had not taken the photo, I would not be writing this.

If any readers are driving to Lahaina in the next couple of weeks and see the lei are gone, know that I am doing my part in honoring what our Earth gives us all, and I challenge you too to do your part in keeping our beaches and ocean clean.

Kanara F. Woodford