No disrespect meant when calling road by old name

I’ve noticed some irritation on the part of some vets that people are still calling Maui Veterans Highway by its old name, Mokulele Highway.

Being a vet myself, I don’t understand all the angst. That highway has been known as the Mokulele Highway for at least the 30-plus years I’ve lived here. And with the “institutional memory” of folks, that highway is going to continue you to be referred to as “Mokulele Highway” for probably the next two generations. That’s what I still call it, even though I know the name has changed.

Just like some people I’ve met over the years who have decided to go by a different name than the name they used when I first met them — I still call them by the name I first knew them by.

Take a breath, relax and stop getting all upset about what people call that roadway; nothing changed but the name, and there is no disrespect intended when they refer to it by its old name.

Jerry Piller