Obama took to the oval office the spirit of aloha

President Donald Trump is definitely a different kind of president. He is hard to understand in comparison to our Hawaii-born President Barrack Obama. I feel because President Obama was born and raised in paradise, the land of aloha, he understood the needs of all people. He grew up among people of many different colors. In Hawaii we are blessed by the spirit of aloha and he learned to live aloha.

As our president, Barrack Obama took to the oval office the spirit of aloha. It inspired him to negotiate peace, not wars. He did what he could providing us Obamacare, a stepping stone to better health care for many. Up to the very end of his presidency he fought for gun control to prevent situations like what happened in Las Vegas. It was the senseless killing of a so many innocent people. Why is it that nothing is being done about assault weapon control? Is President Trump waiting for additional horrific scenarios to unfold and further terror and devastation to unsuspecting Americans.

Mr. President Donald Trump, this is my “tweet” to you, sir. The only way you can make America great again is if you can live aloha. Imua Hawaii. Cheers to our fine past President Obama. Unfortunately for us, as far as our current President Trump, it’s hard to change an old hee-haw.

Alice Tavares