Paper needs subscribers, advertisers to continue

I have a bone to pick with people canceling their subscriptions to The Maui News, citing as their reason the paper’s fiscal decision to switch morning home delivery to delivery by the United States Postal Service. Mind you, The Maui News didn’t announce cessation of delivery but simply that as of Monday, Nov. 13, the printed edition of the paper will be delivered by a different, more cost-efficient method.

The Maui News is a small community paper; yanking financial support away from it ensures its death. What a great shame that would be for Maui. A community paper binds people together, developing community consciousness by keeping neighbors connected with information that informs and impacts them on a daily basis, and whether I read it at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. I understand the importance of that.

Newspapers all over the country are reducing publication days, canceling home delivery and, in some cases, closing down. I hope The Maui News can continue to publish, but without subscriptions and the support of advertisers its days too will be numbered.

So instead of whining that you won’t get to drink your morning coffee with newspaper in hand, why not support your community paper by continuing and indeed renewing your subscription. Yes, you might have to wait until the afternoon to read the paper in print. But is that really so big a deal that you’re willing to hasten its demise?

Mahalo to The Maui News for serving our community so well.

Mary Lawrence