Police need to have pride in their appearances

I recently attended the Maui Fair. It was a great experience. However, I noticed the police presence and saw that our Police Department is light years behind the recognized national police ideology.

The police presence was primarily composed of sergeants. Since they are the first-line supervisors, you would expect their appearance to be exemplary. However, that was the contrary.

I saw individuals that were excessively overweight and it is very doubtful that in a critical situation they would be able to save themselves, much less members of the public they are sworn to protect.

There were two sergeants that critically caught my attention. There was a male who was wearing pale blue tennis shoes with his uniform. He looked like he had just left the gym. There was also a female sergeant who appeared that she had just woken up from a nap. Her hair was disheveled and unkempt. She was wearing boots that were partially laced with the rest of the unlaced boot flopping in the air. The uniforms of both officers was pathetic. The uniforms were severely wrinkled and had missed the cleaners for quite some time.

It appears that there is limited oversight on the part of management. Obviously, there is no esprit de corps, and that always begins at the top. These types of individuals make a black mark on those who look sharp and do sharp work.

Abelardo Corella