Reconsider ill-conceived newspaper delivery decision

The recent decision by The Maui News to end home delivery at a reasonable hour is an abomination. Just because other newspapers do it doesn’t make it right. This will probably be the death knell for the paper as your readership will plummet.

The Maui News is not a magazine where it’s not important when it arrives. It’s supposed to be a morning newspaper, and it’s not supposed to be available only online.

Part of getting a morning paper involves delivering it to the subscriber’s house at a reasonable hour. Waiting until the mail arrives is not a viable option. While I’m sure you made this decision in the interest of saving money, to say the least, it’s time to reconsider this ill-conceived idea.

To add insult to injury, now you’re doing away with the Sunday paper. What’s next — every other day? Last time I checked you had a duty to subscribers to make timely deliveries of the paper seven days a week. Getting the paper at less frequency and hours later is not acceptable.

This is perhaps one of the stupidest business decisions that I have ever seen. Rethink it!

Don Rice