Shocked and disappointed with newspaper’s decision

I am in shock and disappointment about your announcement in the Oct. 20 paper. I will be calling and canceling my subscription, as I’m sure many others will. First, I like to read a newspaper in the morning. My mail does not come until around 4:30 in the afternoon, so that makes The Maui News now worthless.

I also will not get a paper on holidays, that is ridiculous! Also, the fact that now we will not have a Sunday paper is also crazy.

As a resident of Maui, this is totally embarrassing. This is a huge black eye, especially being one of the most desired island destinations in the world, now without a daily newspaper!

I often wondered when I picked up my paper instead of cutting content and pages to reduce expenses, why you did not actually increase content to make the paper more valuable and desirable to read, so you could actually increase circulation? What did you think would happen by cutting content? Do you really think anyone will advertise anymore? Why should they, no one will be reading!

What do you really think will happen now? Bye, bye Maui News! Why don’t you sell or merge with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, or just simply shut it down? Maui has to have a daily newspaper!

Karl Frisch