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When the Kihei Community Association was incorporated just over 57 years ago, our bylaws offered it included the “Kihei District” extending from Maalaea Bay to Makena. Today, included is the general area that is defined by inclusion of the Kihei Makena Community Plan region.

How many of the people on Maui on a given day are in some part of this region, whether residency, visiting, employment, recreation or another reason? Some conclude 50 to 60 thousand; you may think more or less, but a large segment of guys on Maui are affected by what is happening here.

How do you know what is happening on the south side? An excellent way is to frequently check our website, It offers a wealth of information on what has happened and what is upcoming, as well as how to be part of the action, with links to a number of community-supporting businesses and nonprofits. And it is interactive, so you can add comments and ask questions.

So you understand, but in busy lives with so many distractions and intrusions, that asset quickly goes out of mind. OK, sign up for KCA news one time at that site, and you’ll receive a newsletter every two weeks. Yes, you’ll miss some things, but catch a lot of others you might have missed. No membership is required, but remember, no members and this all goes away. Consider joining.

Mike Moran


Kihei Community Association