Trump’s behavior in Puerto Rico appalling

I was appalled when I saw the news clip of Donald Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico. All he did was put on a show patting himself on the back for the great job the U.S. did in helping them after the hurricane.

He made face-slapping statements about how only 17 people died as compared to the thousands in Katrina.

I was also disturbed when he said what Puerto Rico did to our budget, especially since he and so many of his subordinates are abusing our tax money on airfare for personal trips.

I thought it was disgusting when he was throwing out paper towels to the crowd. How demeaning. They really need food, water, medicine and help restoring their infrastructure such as electric and communications.

I would have hoped to hear that our government would send a task force of linemen, electricians, trucks and engineers to help in this humongous task.

I have no respect for this so-called president of the United States. He is just a rich, ill-mannered, egotistical excuse for a real man.

Gerard Mazzacano