Two troubled leaders have much in common

Are we witnessing between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump the wildest, darkest tango in the history of mankind? Two spoiled and now desperate juvenile monarchs at play.

One has a deplorable, disastrous economy; his people are fed propaganda by way of grotesque military parades with impeccable uniformed goose-stepping puppets, missiles launching, assassinations at will, etc.

The other, always distracting ad nauseam, finally realizing that this one adversary, the Constitution of the United States of America, cannot be intimidated or threatened, cannot be sued, cannot be bought and cannot be fired.

Both principals’ main weaknesses are identical — as they have surrounded themselves with spineless yes-men, mostly lap dogs. Talent and integrity are disqualifiers, blind loyalty is the only legal tender.

Both individuals are trapped in that cubicle (ideology, narrow life experiences, etc.) they were assigned at birth, they reach out from the cage but only so far, as both are forever sculptures, never to become sculptors the leadership the world thirsts for. As if we didn’t learn from the past.

Desperate people and desperate acts are willing partners. Is the perfect storm fermenting?

Alain Mei