Unhappy with decision to switch to mail service

I am extremely unhappy with your decision to transfer newspaper delivery to mail service. I just recently paid a full year for delivery and am requesting a refund, or partial refund, of my payment. My contract and billing receipt that I paid for specifically states that the paper will be delivered 7 days per week, by 6 a.m. Monday–Friday and by 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday!

I walked into your office two weeks ago to pay my yearly renewal fee, and if I had been told at that time the delivery soon would be changing to mail service I would not have renewed my subscription.

In our household, we like to read the newspaper with our morning coffee, not in the middle of the afternoon or evening after the mail is delivered. We have a locked mailbox with a very slim opening, and it most cases the paper would probably not even fit in the mailbox.

This is a very unwelcomed change on your part and probably will result in you losing many customers. Perhaps it is time for The Maui News to end!

Karl Stoerker