Use that dandy merge lane on Hana Highway

I would like to offer a polite driving suggestion. In Sprecklesville, the right-turn lane from Nonohe Place onto Hana Highway is a long merge lane. It’s intended to let you accelerate in that lane then enter the highway “at speed.” You don’t have to wait for a gap before starting to accelerate.

Instead, I often see people stopped at the corner, just to the right of the stop sign, waiting for a gap that’s big enough to enter from a standstill. Merging at speed is safer, and also quicker, because there are always plenty of gaps big enough for at-speed merging.

Many right-turn lanes on Maui are short, so you must wait at the corner, but this particular one is really for merging. It’s no problem at all to get to highway speed and then slot into traffic.

Why do I care? I’m one of the poor schmucks who turns left onto Hana Highway from there. A left turn needs simultaneous gaps in both traffic directions, especially large gaps because of the lane crossing. A right-turning car stopped at the corner blocks my vision of the Paia-bound traffic. Your big gap might be my opportunity too, but I can’t use it because by the time you have moved far enough to unblock my vision, one of my gaps is gone.

So, please, do us both a favor and use that dandy merge lane! It’s good, clean, safe fun that benefits us all.

Mitch Bradley