Were options considered before ending delivery?

I am sure it is at great lengths that The Maui News measured ending newspaper delivery. It must be a lot cheaper to send your papers by mail than pay someone to deliver them.

But did you also consider offering mail delivery to people who would be OK with that as an incentive? Free weeks of paper, special additions or a discount on service may work for some.

Most people I know, my household included, read the paper with our morning coffee. We do not read our paper on the internet. We do not get our mail delivery in the morning, so after I write this letter I will be canceling my service with your paper, along with many other customers that you have.

Did you weigh the loss of customers in your decision? Did you try combining or deleting some routes first?

I understand that running a paper is costly and it is not as profitable as in years past, so I hope your decision was made with all my points in mind.

Russell Raymond