Worse than a barbarian are those who apologize for him

Looking back and using the language of today, one might describe a barbarian man thusly: He is someone who might be cunning and powerful in real or imagined ways. But he is not intelligent. As for his heart, it resembles a dried mango pit. Or an odd-shaped piece of black ice. A man lacking subtlety and nuance, he also has a degree of consciousness near zero.

Awkward and inept in social situations, he usually says the wrong thing and resorts to threats, bluffs, lies or excuses. He is never loved nor is he capable of love, wisdom, compassion, mercy or charity.

Today, we would consider him to be a throwback in a suit. He is so heavily grounded and focused on the physical plane, that the furthest reach of his mind and consciousness is a desire for a thing. He is dangerous because he recognizes his own stupidity and constantly overcompensates with brute force or hostility which verges on hysteria.

But always worse than the barbarian are those who apologize for him. Those who make excuses and create unreasonable rationalizations. Every barbarian in a place of power has a chorus of eunuchs who gladly trade their souls and hearts in order to share in the spoils of vulgarity, crime and ignorance. In the shadow of the barbarian, in the feast of darkness, they remain focused on opportunity, privilege and self-justification.

Historically, barbarians have breached the gates. But in this country, they have uniquely been invited in.

Raphael O’Suna