Would have paid more to keep home delivery

Your message from the publisher on Oct. 20 was disturbing. Like many of your subscribers, I enjoy reading your paper with a cup of coffee each morning. Delivery by USPS will not get to us until 12-1 p.m. — much too late.

I will be canceling our subscription. I have seen other small-town newspapers try and do the same thing for fresh delivery of the news and usually they were sold or went out of business within 2-3 years. I certainly would not advertise my business with a newspaper that did not have home delivery. Whoever made this decision needs to explain to all of the subscribers their reasoning.

We have certainly enjoyed the great coverage for all of the youth sport and academic events, good coverage of local news and community events, letters to the editor and editorials; your subscription rate was a little high for the size of your paper but we would have paid a slight increase to keep home delivery. Too bad you couldn’t have surveyed your customers for their thoughts on this item, or didn’t you care?

C. Patrick Gailey