A strong newspaper is the backbone of a community

I was one of the first to complain. Now I want to be one of the first to thank you for listening. Thank you to the staff and management for reinstating daily and Sunday morning newspapers!

Even though some days the paper is small, we are a small island, and The Maui News does provide great coverage of everything on Maui! When off island, I read the digital version every day as well, just to keep up.

I would encourage everyone who unsubscribed to reinstate their subscription, and to tell their friends who do not subscribe to do so. I also urge all businesses to advertise. A strong newspaper is the backbone of a city, and in our case our island. I hope we all, The Maui News and the residents of Maui, realize we need each other to make Maui better. We need to support each other!

Thank you, Maui News, for reconsidering and changing back to daily morning papers.

Karl Frisch