Contact council member and oppose roundabout

I, like many other residents, have been sitting in traffic at the Maui Lani Parkway-Kamehameha intersection for years now. Though traffic signals should have been installed at this intersection years ago; the county has failed to hold the developers responsible for what they promised.

The roundabout suggested is not the best or safest plan for this intersection. The close proximity of the elementary school and the volume of traffic in the area demand something more substantial. Electronic signal devices, with pedestrian controls, is the best option.

The other areas mentioned in previous articles where roundabouts are being used do not have the volume of traffic and pedestrian traffic that this intersection does. Drivers seem to have problems negotiating a four-way stop intersection, but the county wants to put in a more unfamiliar and confusing roundabout. This will not help the flow of traffic or provide more safety.

I urge you to contact your council member and oppose the roundabout! Let traffic move swiftly and safely.

David Ross