County Council gets led astray by naysayers

Where is the housing on Maui? Good question! There is none. Once again, the County Council gets led astray by the nonworking class, elitist environmentalists and their ideological group of usual suspects, who pitch these ridiculous reasons for not having housing here, there or anywhere for that matter: reef contamination, no water, traffic, sacred land — ad nauseam.

Tell me, what part of Hawaii is not sacred? It’s all sacred, but this should not preclude us from providing a basic, fundamental part of life — housing. Important housing projects like Greg Brown’s Makila Kai (The Maui News, Nov. 2) should be a ballot measure and not left to a few not in my backyard testifiers in front of the County Council.

Perspective: Oahu just passed a $2 billion, 3,500-home project in Mililani while Maui is wringing its hands over a 49-unit housing development! “Oh dear, the sky is falling!”

And by the way, Millilani soil is way more prime agriculture than Launiuopko and just as sacred. Mahalo to Oahu for taking care of its citizens.

Paul Fasi