Economic royalists know that planet is endangered

I’m not sure that those who are in favor of stricter immigration rules, or building a medieval wall, are being honest with us with regard to motive. At least, I suspect that the elites of the movement have something else in mind.

I think that the cry about terrorists, or the assertion that immigrants take jobs from Americans or that immigrants tend to be criminals or welfare recipients, is a red herring. A diversion from the true motive. A misdirection.

In fact, I believe that powerful interests who have fought all the climate change proposals, through paid-for groups of deniers, actually know full well — agree with the 97 percent of true climate scientists — that we are endangering our planet and our survival. They, in turn, fear that this country — their privileged existence — will be threatened, not by those who are objectionable on religious, political or economic grounds, but by the millions of people who will be displaced by climate change catastrophes, caused more by the industrialized, capitalistic, ruling class dominated north than by the undeveloped, but vulnerable and chaotic countries south of us; and by volatile and angry people from other parts of the world.

The economic royalists who control America have held the line against the economic disruption, which is necessary for a proper response to man-made climate change, because of their ownership of corporations, politicians and media; but few will be safe from the stampede of homeless, starving, thirsty, diseased neighbors.

Raphael O’Suna