Essential things need to be appreciated and supported

As the sun inched over the crest of Haleakala the morning of Oct. 31 and began casting its first faint shadows of the day, many Mauians stepped out into the still cool morning air to retrieve their carrier-delivered copy of The Maui News, a common ritual marking commencement of each day that may be as significant to some as the rite of evening prayer concluding the day is to others.

Yet, as readers bent to grasp the latest edition, there was present the pervasive sad realization that this ritual, which for some has extended over a lifetime, would soon end, a consequence of the announced cessation of carrier delivery. As recent letters to The Maui News have revealed, that corporate decision generated considerable anger in some, angst in many and sadness in all.

Thus, when readers snapped the rubber band off the Oct. 31 edition, unfolded and smoothed the wrinkled pages and saw the above-the-fold column left pronouncement that morning carrier delivery of The Maui News would continue, great relief and delight spread across Maui. That was a good day.

But delight should be tempered by recognition that things essential to our lives, things expected to be present always, like family, friends and even a morning newspaper, should be appreciated, supported and never taken for granted; just as our personal freedoms, constitutional government and free press should be.

Too, this community experience should reinforce understanding and appreciation that a collective constructive public voice can often effect positive outcomes.

Mahalo, Maui News!

Tom Sams