Extremists from left and right are wreaking havoc

Extremist ideologues from the left and the right are wreaking havoc on our democracy. Their daily smorgasbord is pretense, denial, distraction, deceitfulness, lies, cowardice, corruption — all laced with an overdose of hypocrisy.

The polarized world they have created, a culture of rage denuded of principles, is their way to advancement, they believe. Fascism is alive and well. The toxicity in politics has impregnated religion, scored in sports and overdosed pharmaceuticals. The code of ethics is MIA!

Let’s zero in on sex abuse. Both sides of the aisle have acted as if sexual harassment is the exclusive property of their political opponent, conveniently ignoring both sorry journeys of two presidents, both caught ignobly. One was spared, one was elected — Hollywood, the KKK and their spineless herds sharing the spoils.

Back home in no-ka-oi land, two short letters Oct. 15 and 18 by two writers provided the same names of recent sex predators: Anthony Wiener, Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. Why were some notable culprits omitted — the late Roger Ailes, once CEO of Fox News; Bill O’Reilly, ex-host of Fox News; and Donald Trump (self-admitted sexual harasser) and frequent guest of the “no-fake” Fox News? Was it selective choosing, a “PARTYot” stand, honest omissions?

It’s getting very late in the game and two pernicious partners — Stone Age emotions and nuclear-age destruction — are pressing hard and gaining for that ultimate apocalyptic end game! Doing what’s right must supersede acting within our rights.

Alain Mei