Gift shops offer another option for shoppers

I applaud the strong efforts encouraging Maui shoppers to support local businesses this holiday season.

The insert in the Nov. 19 paper provided a wealth of information on businesses and products to assist us.

However, I would like to suggest another option that was somehow overlooked –Maui’s many wonderful museums, most of which have locally made products as part of their gift shop offerings.

One can double the good by purchasing these items. Purchases support the artists and artisans, as well as adding to the revenue which helps support the museums beyond their entrance fees.

A few of Maui’s museums: Bailey House in Wailuku, Sugar Museum in Puunene, Wo Hing in Lahaina, Lahaina Heritage Museum, Makawao History Museum and, of course, Haleakala National Park with two gift shops, one at the mountain’s top and the other at Kipahulu. Hana has its own cultural center as well.

I can’t begin to list them all, more are out there. Check them out for yourself, and bring your wallets.

Happy Holidays.

Julianne Perry Lee