Grateful for the opportunity that bell ringers provide

One of my favorite things about the holidays is carrying around $1 bills in my pocket so I can stuff them into the red kettle and put a smile on the face of the hardworking bell ringers!

My husband and I rang the bell one year (Rotary Club project) and it is not easy! Standing all that time and many people trying to avoid eye contact with you. However, there’s nothing like looking the bell ringer in the eyes and saying, “Thank you for ringing the bell!” They light right up with gratitude. I’m so grateful to them for the opportunity they offer me to help those around us less fortunate.

I’ve just learned that the six Long’s Drugs around the island will not be having the bell ringers this year, which puts a mighty dent in the collections.

My good friend Bill says “Gratitude is an action.”

Shelley Nalepa