High gas prices on Maui, land tax hike a concern

On Nov. 2 I watched the Channel 2 News and it showed the gas prices in the state for Oahu, Hawaii and Wailuku. Wow! Maui is again the highest! Aren’t we closer to Oahu than Hawaii?

Also, the land tax on Maui took a hike. Why do we have a rail system on the island that we don’t know about? You take a bigger bite off our hotel taxes for the rail! Now our land tax goes up to make up the difference. Now it’s Maui homeowners taking the jerk!

Where’s the logic here! That’s the case. Give every island the same amount that they spend on the rail. I think every island can put it to good use. Higher pay for lifeguards, police, firemen and other civil services. Let us show how we can spend that type of money.

Rudy Sumabat