Illegal fireworks need to be reported by neighbors

Once again the local community in Waiehu Heights and Waiehu Terrace is being terrorized by a few irresponsible and disrespectful people who are lighting off fireworks every night since the middle of November. Aerial fireworks are strictly prohibited/illegal on Maui, yet they seem to proliferate between Halloween until after New Year’s.

The police won’t trouble themselves to find the culprits because they “have to see them doing it” in order to arrest whoever is shooting them off. Until these dangerous and mindless fireworks are banned, it is up to the neighbors of these criminals to call and report the illegal activity and give the police an address.

A few bad apples have taken the peace and quiet of our neighborhoods and turned them into war zones. This is not a video game, but our lives. People have to work in the morning, children have to go to school, animals are frightened and our right to safety and peace and quiet is being taken away.

Jeanne Reynolds