Mortgage interest, Trump and other random thoughts

The difference in mortgage interest for Maui’s average $750,000 home price and the proposed $500,000 cap, would be about $10,000 in first-year interest write-off. This isn’t enough to stifle the housing sales market and/or dissuade someone from buying a house. Remember, special interests created the write-off in the first place.

Trump’s response to the Manhattan truck killings had nothing to do with “ignorance” and everything to do with the left’s idea of political correctness. The left and the right elitists are never going to get use to the fact that Mr. Trump is not a politician but a pragmatist. That said, what he had to say that the truck’s driver should get the death penalty is right on.

Citizens could have been given “equal protection under the law” without changing the 3,000-year-old definition of marriage. But would that serve the agenda of activism?

I’m amazed at the number of people OK with 650,000 abortions a year in the U.S., but not OK with the death penalty.

Most of Maui’s left-leaning letter writers and citizens are never going to stop the Saul Alinsky approach to their writings, thinking or actions, i.e, attack the messenger.

In the recent past, Iran has spent about $100,000,000 a year funding terrorism. Last year Iran spent $800,000,000, more proof the Iran deal was totally stupid.

Best explanation, “the Russian story is complete fiction concocted by sore losers unable to deal with their electoral loss,” — Mollie Hemingway.

Bill Botts