Perpetrator of alleged aural assault has to go

Recently reported, an aural assault has allegedly been committed. This man should be banished from the island. Antonio Gimbernat had the nerve and the audacity to use the “N” word in the presence of two teenagers (The Maui News, Nov. 21). Man versus man is one thing. Man versus children is another. Child abuse comes to mind. Of racism, you stand accused.

About myself, I am an African American who loves Maui. One of the numerous reasons I reside here is because of the racial harmony that exists. Most of us would agree on that.

In my nearly 40 years of existence here, I have experienced the “N” word three times. Once on the basketball court, once in the classroom, and once on the way to the gig. Each time I heard the word, I was stunned, angered and insulted.

On the basketball court, it was a bully move. In the classroom, ignorance was at the core. Under the influence, could that result in insult?

Mr. Gimbernat, what is your excuse? To say that in public can only be blamed on our present commander and chief. Remember, he said “fire those sons of bitches.” Was that an alternative to the “N” word? Was that an aural assault?

Mr. Gimbernat, you do not belong on Maui. You have got to go.

Ed Connor