President could conceive of solution to restore Hawaii

If President Donald Trump believes peace is achievable in Israel’s hostile environment, he can certainly conceive of the solution to restore Hawaii.

Exercising an executive order, he’d rival Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

World-changing possibilities, Trump’s position could be for such a time as this. Despite naysayers, he’s proven anything is possible.

Restoring the Hawaiian Nation is viable. Establishing righteous precedents, many of the logistics are relatable to domestic and international affairs.

Biblical principles are culturally appropriate for land distribution, governance and integrating peoples. It includes criteria for loving resident aliens, protection of property and dual citizenship.

In November 1917 Queen Lili’uokalani died. Her faith in God to restore Hawaii lives on.

Lili’uokalani’s book concludes, “As they deal with me and my people, kindly, generously, and justly, so may the Great Ruler of all nations deal with the grand and glorious nation of the United States of America.”

Michele Lincoln