Retiree on Medicare has learned a lot from others

As a person now on Medicare, here’s what have I learned. Hanging out with other retirees, I’ve learned where to buy the cheapest coffee and get a free Honolulu newspaper, discounted food from Longs and other food establishments. There are senior discounts on Tuesday at Ross, fresh pork at Pukalani Superette and Ah Fook’s on Wednesday.

I’ve leared about hitmen, to wipe someone out, gambling games, chicken fights that are ongoing. I’ve learned how not to spend my Medicare bucks.

I’ve learned that most retirees are bored. The same question exist, “What to do on Maui?”

Interesting street education. I think I’ll go back to University of Hawaii Maui College.

I get senior discounts on meals at IHOP and other restaurants. Gee, what a new world of aging.

Sandra J. Bird