Subscribers should pay more for home delivery

We of a certain age remember the iconic paperboy who delivered the daily afternoon newspaper to homes in his neighborhood after school on his bicycle, like the characters on “Dennis The Menace” or “Leave It To Beaver.” The paperboy even collected the money for the publisher at the end of each month.

But things gradually change and eventually we saw the last paperboy give way to the stay-at-home mom working a part-time job with her own heavily insured and registered car throwing the morning paper seven days a week on hundreds of driveways across the land. She doesn’t even have to collect the money as the publisher farmed that job out to a collection agency.

This, of course, raises the cost of home delivery. Actually, if you think about it, home delivery subscriptions should cost more than subscriptions delivery by mail or just picking one up at the corner mini-mart or vending machine.

Why should the rest of us subsidize the luxury of a few early-morning coffee-drinkers who demand their Maui News fix by 5 in the morning? Make ’em pay for the added cost of home delivery.

Mark Kanae Smith