Substitute teacher will be watching for shoplifter

To the haole boy (stocky build, sandy hair) who shoplifted the orange T-shirt from a department store the other evening: No one else seems to have seen you, but I did. You were bare-chested. Then you walked past a pile of shirts and put one on. You and a woman (your mother?) walked on out to the mall, and maybe that’s what kept you from being arrested.

I notified the manager, but she seemed totally unconcerned. “Happens all the time. We can’t do anything about it,” and she kept folding garments.

A security guard informed me that the store’s territory extends 10 feet beyond their boundaries. Security’s authority begins there. They can’t go into the store.

But be warned: I’m a substitute teacher in the public schools and I’ll be watching for you.

Dave Slocum