There are still ways to shop locally in an online world

Mahalo, Maui News, for the Letters section.

Online shopping is not necessarily anti-local. When our family visited us, they shopped at many local stores and tried several products until they found the perfect gifts for friends and their employees on the Mainland. They were challenged with how to get so many jars of honey and lotions through airport security. Instead, they turned to the internet.

One company shipped directly through UPS and the other delivered through Amazon. Those companies now have our daughter’s contact information and supply her with updates and sales information periodically, and one even made a personal contact thanking her.

These two Maui retail companies enhance the customer’s shopping experience and have opened up to a much larger market than just Maui. When ordering gifts for the Mainland, we personally always turn to Maui companies: protea from the slopes of Haleakala, pineapple directly from Maui Gold, and other made-on-Maui products. All of these companies gladly sell online and delivery is accomplished seamlessly.

Our point is, it is an online world and there are still ways to shop locally within it, even through Amazon. There is an excellent book called “Re-Engineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post Digital World,” which explains many of the challenges currently faced by retail.

The aforementioned great local Maui companies are far ahead of anything we may have gained from reading this book, and from where we sit they appear to be thriving in the current market.

Lis and Bob Richardson