Understandable why so many drivers are frustrated

West Maui traffic is beyond ridiculous. You know it, so I won’t go there, however it will get worse and it does not matter who is elected in the County Council representing the west side as far as the traffic is concerned, unless somehow we cut through the mountain like the H-3 on Oahu. So enough of the griping on traffic. It’s here, too bad.

So we need to drive with more compassion and try and be more friendly. I’ve been seeing too many locals flipping off other locals, is this bad or what? Road rage on Keawe Street is a norm. Horn-honking on Maui is becoming the norm.

Guys, you are on Maui! Relax, where the hell you going? Oh yeah, sorry — to your second or third full-time job because of greedy landlords and the like. Sorry, I’ll get out of your way, just don’t shoot me!

Ronald Sambrano