Won’t have to adjust morning routine after all

As it has taken my parents and my wife nearly 70 years to teach me how to sit, stay, fetch and roll over, it was with great relief that I learned the morning of Oct. 31 that I would not have to learn how to adjust my daily routine for afternoon mail delivery of The Maui News. I am one those in the “Twilight Zone” that enjoys a freshly brewed cup of MauiGrownCoffee and the peace and quiet to read the paper before dawn.

Here I would like to extend my appreciation to Steve and Ata, the distribution guys here on the west side, who so faithfully and consistently “porch it” early in the morning. (This is newspaper parlance for us paper route boys for tossing the newspaper directly onto the front steps of your home.)

Kudos also to your entire staff for a publication that truly represents our Maui home. Hopefully, all of us will take to heart the need to support local businesses, particularly those that advertise in The Maui News, to make this all work out. Thank you again.

One recent day the mail didn’t arrive until 7:15 p.m., so in this case some people at my age are going to sleep. Whew!

Walter Chihara