Actions make one question where the country has gone

Where has my country gone? I am 88, joined the Navy at 17 just in time for the Korean War and retired after the Vietnam War. I love my country and all its people; however as I write I have tears, too many things I do not understand.

I raised two children who heard more than once if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, and if you lost to an opponent you congratulated them and said “I’ll do better next time.” That makes sense to me.

Politics to me is a game where one team has the ball for four or eight years and gets to run with it, then another team gets the ball. The score seems to balance out. Constant nasty comments do not encourage good citizenship. That makes sense to me.

Recently we put aside a thousand miles of frozen turf for preservation but we couldn’t wait to put up unsightly windmills on a beautiful mountain that maim or kill native geese and bats, and we propose to put up more. Does that make sense?

How is it that people we do not know tell us what we should know and we assign them credibility because they show up on our televisions and our phones? We actually pay them. Does that make sense?

A California governor blames climate change for the fires, not the homeless camps and the increase in homes all over every hill and dale. Does that make sense?

Where is my country?

Russ Van Moppes