Christmas spirit is not in evidence everywhere

Where is the aloha, the pono in the season of goodwill to all?

Why do we allow unknowing visitors to recreate in the kai when there is a Department of Health “brown water alert”? When I see these unfortunate families in the ocean, I warn them. The usual response is: “Where are the signs?” “Why didn’t some body tell me?”

Why do some drivers, often driving illegally modified pickup trucks, find it amusing to speed into roadside puddles containing who knows what to splash and soak pedestrians and bicyclists? Often these are the same ones who act like pedestrians in crosswalks are an affront to their right of way.

To be clear, I do see many drivers who see pedestrians awaiting a safe passage to cross the road at a marked crosswalk stop with a friendly shaka. Specifically, I note many professional drivers, particularly driving the orange or green trash trucks, offer wide berth to both walkers and bicyclists with a smile.

What is up with Costco?

After years of observing a classic example of the success of a trap-neuter-release program with a feral cat colony on its land, at no cost to the business, management has now decided to ban the caretaker without any reasonable explanation. They should be ashamed themselves. Coal in their stockings. Bah humbug!

Mike Moran