Council applauded for backing water director

I wish to express my appreciation to our Maui County Council legislators for their related actions first in committee and then in the council regarding the mayor’s attempt to fire the water director.

In the committee, by demanding the mayor offer some publicly available information concerning his motivation for this action, denying attempts to shut out the community by unwarranted calls for executive session, the concerned citizens were informed. Since the mayor had previously verbalized on the matter in a prior county government meeting, why the reluctance now? Live TV perhaps?

Personally, while acknowledging the occasional need for a closed forum, I see overuse of this matter by the council shutting out our awareness, but not on this occasion. This action allowed us to hear the mayor state he has discovered the director is not a good manager, after working with him over the past two decades. Perhaps finally having this realization in the final year offers some insight into the mayor’s own managerial skills.

Then the unanimous council vote rejecting the mayor’s egregious action offered a show of unity, rather than divisive allegiance voting we have too often noted this year.

So, now what? Will the mayor take into account the outpouring of community testimony and the council’s vote, allowing the director to finish out his final year? Or will he continue to force the director to sit home while collecting his full compensation to spite the outpouring of opposition? Let’s hope reason prevails.

Mike Moran