Cutting of roadside grass, weeds poorly done

You decide which you prefer — waist-high weeds/grass, covered road railings and easements, line of sight blocked by high, uncut grass, or roads littered with rocks, twigs, cut grass and weeds along with miles of easement carpeted with cut grass and debris?

In the past two weeks, they finally started cutting the waist-high grass and weeds along Kula and Haleakala highways, beginning from King Kekaulike High School on up to the former Crater Road. They passed my house last week.

Two beautiful and impressive machines — looking fairly new — have been working the roads.

Unfortunately, it looks like a half-hearted attempt. Because of the thickness and height off the grass, much of it still remains uncut in uneven patches along the road as much of the grass was passed over just once, leaving an extremely unsightly sloppy mess more befitting a Third World roadside. Now, we have miles of roadsides littered with rocks, twigs, branches and, in many places, deep-cut grass carpeting the easement — posing a serious threat to drivers and downhill bikers.

Will they come and clean it up, weed wack the posts and railings, clear the mess created by the uneven cutting? Past behavior seems to indicate they will not! I think what most annoys me, other than how horrible things look, is the constant and apparent lack of standards and professional stewardship of the roads, shown by this longtime sloppiness and disrespect for the land and the community.

Vincent Linares