Drivers who don’t follow rules have no consideration

On the subject of the horrendous traffic between Kahului and the west side, I had the misfortune of having to leave Kahului at 4 p.m. to get home to the west side. All went well until the left turn off Dairy Road to Maalaea. At this point, traffic stops, never to move for a half-hour or more.

Why? Because some people think the center dirt divider is a really fast way to get by the entire line of cars, by turning down the first left into Maalaea, then making a right turn to the stoplight by Carl’s Jr. and ending up in front of everyone else waiting in line when that light turns green.

Really!? Now isn’t that just the aloha spirit to show all the new arrivals from the airport about Hawaii drivers? For those of us (locals and visitors alike) who are just trying to follow the correct driving rules with consideration for others in this “merging” area, it is a travesty provoking anger and disrespect for all around.

Looks like a good place for a police patrol and/or some type of barrier to prevent this behavior. What ya think?

Kathy P. Askew