Everything left of far right isn’t always propaganda

In response to a Nov. 29 letter writer regarding people “throwing away precious longtime relationships” when they “find out they voted for Trump and now they are all of a sudden (considered to be) racist, white supremacist, homophobic, misogynist, global-warming denying haters. You might give that a second thought before throwing away precious longtime relationships just because you have fallen prey to the current leftist propaganda.”

One may assume the writer is speaking of her own situation here. I find that people who support a racist, white supremacist, homophobic, misogynist, which President Donald Trump has shown himself to be, are not someone whom my friends and I can consider “friends.”

She also says, “It might serve you well to do some research, think for yourself and turn off the propaganda machines.” I suggest she do exactly that herself. Many groups and people that support Trump are racist, white supremacist and homophobic, such as the KKK and Steve Bannon’s Breitbart Group.

If the letter writer supports Trump, who is also diminishing our Social Security, health care and public education to support tax cuts for the 1 percent, she is also supporting all the negatives above.

She should consider watching PBS news rather than just the far-right stuff. Everything left of the far right isn’t necessarily “leftist propaganda.”

Harlan Hughes