Ex-state representative has challenge for candidates

As former state representative for South Maui, I challenge all upcoming candidates for Maui County to produce and support a community vision that reflects proposals put forth by various groups to maintain the agricultural base of Maui’s economy by implementing family farms from county lands that have been acquired from A&B through eminent domain.

These family farms would be required to plant hemp to remediate all the poisoned soils from cane cultivation and produce the many products based on hemp, including food, clothing, construction, fuel, paper. etc. Organic foods can feed us, even though we are separated from the Mainland.

Residential housing is required everywhere. Walking, biking and transit must be fundamental for recreation and transportation. Open space corridors provide a natural framework for the built environment.

Every town has an edge and a center. Every town has its own government. Passenger rail will be reintroduced.

Joseph Morairty

aka Joe Bertram III