Foot officers could enforce illegal fireworks laws better

I appreciate The Maui News bringing attention to the issue of illegal fireworks (Dec. 10). We have to medicate one of our dogs on a regular basis because of her terror of the explosions and flashes. Just a few explosions turn a normally confident dog into a quivering, panting, drooling mess, cowering in the bathtub night after night.

I recently contacted state legislators regarding transportation of illegal fireworks into the state and between the islands. The vast majority of the few who responded gave me the impression that they couldn’t care any less about the issue, and told me to take the matter up with the County Council and with the Maui Police Department. So, with all due respect to MPD Lt. Gregg Okamoto and to Fire Services Chief Edward Taomoto, I think any new legislation curbing this illegal importation is very unlikely to happen.

MPD could enforce the existing laws better by getting out of their cars and patrolling the problem areas on foot and/or bicycle. Doing so would put them in a position to better observe violations and to take appropriate action. I know for a certain fact that you can see and hear a lot more that way, without any windows to roll up and without the AC and radio blasting.

The County Council and the Police Commission need to pressure MPD to assign some resources to this problem ASAP, and also require MPD to report back on enforcement actions taken, arrests made, etc. It’s time for the existing laws to be properly enforced.

Chris Profio