Give the gift of life for Christmas

The most valuable Christmas present that you can give to someone in Hawaii is a pint of blood. Your gift of life can save up to three lives during this holiday season.

The old adage “it is more blessed to give than to receive” is true when it come to donating blood for those who need it to heal from a serious illness or recover from major surgery. The reward and tremendous feeling of satisfaction that comes from donating a pint of blood to help someone who is facing a life or death situation because he/she desperately needs blood is just overwhelming. It is truly the most valuable Christmas gift that you could give to anyone.

Due to the tremendous need for blood during this holiday season and because many regular blood donors are either away on vacation or too busy shopping, the Blood Bank of Hawaii desperately needs the help of new donors. Please consider starting a new and worthwhile tradition in your life by becoming a blood donor this year. (I am scheduled to donate my 148th pint of blood as my Christmas present to the Blood Bank of Hawaii on Dec. 19.)

For your convenience, the Blood Bank will be at the Cameron Center through Dec. 22. To reserve and make you appointment today, please call (800) 372-9966 or visit God bless you for sharing the gift of life.

William T. Kinaka