Halt new construction on west side; address traffic

Enough already!

After driving to Lahaina to go to dinner and taking two hours to get there from the Maalaea turnoff I said, “This is insanity.” There are no major plans to help alleviate the traffic problem. Even if a plan is created, most of us would be dead before it started.

More needed houses with subdivisions are on the books. When are we going to say enough already until there is a plan to manage the traffic? As a contractor, this is not something easy for me to advocate. However, the county should halt new construction on the west side and create an action plan to handle this traffic.

Where is the plan? If there is a person in need of the hospital by ambulance and traffic is at a standstill, there is no way to get them what they need! The road is at a snail’s pace for hours. How do we enjoy the west side? How do we get to work? This problem is staring us in the face and the traffic is worse every day.

Steve Kear